Loving more than one person is a taboo. Why we have to belong to one when we could belong to multiple? Polyamory is the subject of our 2016 Collection. We crafted the family of our fantasies.On Limoges porcelain plates, and on stylistic t-shirts, we showcase portraits of a long term domestic relationship of six fabulous adults who are in love with each other and their four children.

As for the launch of our collection, we organised a marriage for a polyamorous couple in Pairs. In a Haussmannian apartment, decorated with our porcelain plates and surrounded with the tenderness vibrating from these portraits. Less branding, more love.

Press: Frame
Year: 2015
Partners: Petrovsky and Ramone (photographer) and Venus Watermann (stylist).
Exhibited: Dutch Design Week, Het Nieuwe instituut Rotterdam and Domestic Affairs Show in Doha and Shenzen
Investor: Creative Funds NL
Photography: Chantapitch Wiwatchaikamol