“Prints and garments that revitalise and celebrate the sacredness of nature.”

In the way fashion designers launch collections where they showcase the near-future of clothing, our studio launches yearly series where we showcase the near-future of images. Followed by our artist statement about our devotion to social and planetary justice, for 2016, we digitally crafted a series of rebellious visuals fabricated into unique fashion statements. We first made prints then created a capsule fashion line from the pieces.

Press: Le Monde
Year: 2016
Collaborators: Dice Kayek, This is Chorus, POAM, Jasper Griepink, Ordinary Magazine
Exhibited: 12 Mail Gallery Paris, Coming Soon NYC – New York Textile Month, Dice Kayek Pop Up Store – Catherine Houard Gallery Paris, Dutch Design Week and Istanbul Design Week.
Photography: Wendelin Spiess
Main investors We would like to thank Creative Industries Fund NL and Arhan Kayar for their generous support.