We regularly launch series of artworks on the future of aesthetics, with subjects borrowed from the zeitgeist.

Our 2019 collection, Alternative, celebrates alternative systems, people and communities who dedicate themselves to offer alternative social-economic systems. In this series, we visualized rebellious ideas which are rewriting the rules, not only breaking them. These themes include microdosing psychedelics, universal basic income, equal pay law, emancipation of animals, permaculture, Sufism and rise of the sacred feminine.

See also the Ready-to-Wear, Upcycled Fashion, and Jewelry collections we made with these pieces.

Press: Medium
Year: 2019
Mehry Mu – Equal Pay Law pattern for their SS19 Collection. See the collection on Vogue Italy; Rombaut – Emancipation of Animals pattern for a one-off collectors item shoeSemra Ecer – We made a jewelry collection together with this serie; Permaculture painting features Ines Alpha and Jasper Griepink